Take me out to the ballgame!

My wife and I took the kids to see the Edmonton Cracker-Cats today, a team that is so minor league, I'm pretty sure that one of the bat-boys hit a three-run double at one point during the game.

OK, that's not fair to the Cracker-Cats, who are actually a pretty darn good baseball team. They are in first place in the entire (Fill in the name of the minor league you've never heard of here) League, and are heading to the playoffs for the first time in the team's history (which, and don't quote me on this, began at least before yesterday). And all 273 people in the stands today were thrilled by the 10-4 drubbing of Calgary today (largely due to that one bat boy).

At any rate, we figured that a Cracker-Cats game would be fun, so we bought some cheap tickets with the idea of moving to better seats once the game started.

And that plan worked - way better than I thought it would.

Just as the game started, a promotions girl approached us and asked if we would agree to be the "Move of the Game," which is when the ball club takes a group of fans and upgrades their cheap seats to a luxury box.

We deliberated for approximately 0.007th of a second before agreeing, and so off we trotted to a luxury box behind home plate, where we watched the remainder of the game.

We spent $36 on tickets. The luxury box was worth $508. I'd say we got a good deal.

And all kidding aside, it was a good game, and a lot of fun. I'm sure we'll be back next summer. The Cracker-Cats can save us a spot in the luxury box, please.


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