The joys of the DVR

I put the DVR through a good workout last night as I "taped" Monday Night Raw (I'm going to be using the term "taped" for a while thanks to a quarter century of VCR use) and then started watching the program about 30 minutes in. The "chase" feature allowed me to start the show at the beginning and fast-forward through commercials. It didn't take me very long to "chase" the show back to the point where I was watching it live again. And during all of it, the program was still being recorded. Very cool.

As an added bonus, I discovered a Picture-in-Picture feature that I hadn't seen in the manual before that allows you to watch something you've recorded and put a little window in the corner with something live on TV.

I realize that those of you with Tivos or PVRs from your cable or satellite company will be laughing at my great enthusiasm for technology that is hardly cutting edge, but whatever. I'm enjoying my new toy.


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