Good customer service

I'm going to take the positive approach on this one and praise the good customer service I received from my local postal suboutlet at the grocery store than the strange customer non-service I received from the post office itself:

I ordered something last week from the U.S. I had been tracking it online and through e-mail updates.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sent an e-mail notification that Canada Post had attempted to deliver my package and was unable to, so I was to take my attempted delivery card to my new postal suboutlet a few blocks from my house.

There was only one flaw in this plan: There was no attempted delivery card left for me. It wasn't on my door. It wasn't in my mailbox. It wasn't in my "supermailbox" down the street.

And, of course, my wife was home during the period in which the e-mail said Canada Post had made the attempted delivery - in fact, she was sitting at the computer which is right next to our front door, so she would have heard him walk up the steps to drop the attempted delivery card in our mailbox.

So I have this feeling that the "attempted delivery" consisted of taking the package straight to the suboutlet and dropping off the attempted delivery card at a later date. I suspect when I get the mail today, my missing attempted delivery card will have appeared. (EDIT: Yup, it was in the supermailbox today. Unreal!)

Nonetheless, armed with my e-mail, I went down to the suboutlet last night and calmly explained that I had received the e-mail, but no attempted delivery card, and asked if he could get me my package anyway. The gentleman tracked the package in the system using my address, and pulled it off the shelf for me. I signed, paid the customs duties, and was on my way.

He could very easily have said "I need the attempted delivery card" and stymied me. Heaven knows, I've had that happen to me before.

Instead, he decided to solve my problem rather than compound it. Good for him.


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