Stupid #%$%$@#@ time change

In the mad rush today to get two computers in our house in some semblance of working order, I almost forgot that today is the day we switch our clocks ahead an hour, and move to daylight savings time - or "daylight time" as it's officially known in the Canadian Press Stylebook.

I hate daylight time. Particularly the "spring forward" part, as the advantages of spring tend to be mitigated by me being extra tired and grumpy for the following week thanks to losing an hour of sleep.

I hate daylight time even more now that we're on daylight time for approximately 51 of 52 weeks a year and on "standard" time for what seems like a day and a half. How "standard" is "standard time" when it's now the much smaller piece of the time pie?

Not to mention that about 98% of the gizmos I own automatically switch from standard time to daylight time and back - and now they make those changes on the wrong weekends because the U.S. Congress decreed three years ago that in 2007, daylight time would be lengthened in order to save energy.

I guess that energy I'm supposed to be saving is now going into manually adjusting all my digital clocks FOUR times a year instead of just two times a year.

Seriously, folks ... if Saskatchewan is smart enough to stay on standard time all year-round, then the rest of us should be able to figure that out, too. (And when Saskatchewan is held up as the shining example of anything, you know the end is nigh.)

Either that or let's just move to daylight time permanently and leave the clocks set an hour ahead and be done with it.

But enough of this twice-yearly clock switching.


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