Best. Wrestlemania. Ever.

Quick Wrestlemania 24 thoughts:

That was a thumbs up show if I ever saw one. I'd venture to say that top to bottom, that was the best Wrestlemania show I've ever seen (and I've seen them all). The Citrus Bowl turned out to be a great venue that really magnified the majesty and importance of the event. The guys all had their working shoes on. And with only a couple of exceptions, the matches were all very good to downright great. I watched it at the West Edmonton Mall theatres on the big screen in high def, and the show looked awesome that way. The place was PACKED (sold out earlier today), and the crowd was pretty hot for everything.
  • The Belfast Brawl was short, but intense. Good stuff.
  • The ladder match was an entertaining spotfest. The Matt Hardy run-in popped the WEM theatre crowd big-time. Having CM Punk win was an interesting twist. I just hope he doesn't cash it in for the ECW title. Really good match.
  • Batista looked like he tore every muscle in his back on that power bomb. Another good match. Umaga is a very underrated worker.
  • Kane. Yup. Worst match of the night just by the virtue of it being so short.
  • "I'm sorry ... I love you." Awesome. Flair-Michaels was the match of the night, and one of the all-time great Mania moments.
  • The women's match was almost saved by the blackout. Not offensive.
  • Having Orton retain the title was hardly the worst booking decision ever made. At least Hunter didn't win. Plus, I've turned the corner on Randy. He's a great heel champion. They should keep the belt on him as long as possible. Another very good match.
  • The Big Show-Mayweather match was way better than it had any right to be. Very entertaining and well done.
  • Edge and Undertaker put on a far better match than I expected. The crowd at WEM erupted when Taker put on the gogoplata, and absolutely exploded when Edge tapped. Maybe Bryan Alvarez will now admit that the move is over. Great match, and very satisfying to see Edge get the headline spot on such an enormous show.


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