How to get Voice Memos off your iPhone without iTunes (Spoiler: Don't use Voice Memos!)

I had a bit of a freakout earlier this month over the utter inability to take long (read: anything over 2 minutes) Voice Memos off of an iPhone without physically tethering it to iTunes and transferring the file.

Today, I stumbled across a solution - more of a workaround - that accomplishes what I want.

Step 1: Don't use Voice Memos. Seriously, don't. That's half the problem.

Step 2: Install the SoundCloud app. It's free!

Step 3: Use SoundCloud to record your audio file.

Step 4: When you're done, upload it to the SoundCloud site straight from your iPhone. (You'll need to create a free account, but big deal.)

Step 5: Go to the SoundCloud website, log into your account, and download the file back down to your computer, where you can edit or otherwise manipulate it to your heart's content.

Step 6: Relax, make yourself a cafe latte, and enjoy your day.


Bye, Voice Memos.

(The great irony of this is that I've actually had SoundCloud on my iPhone for ... I dunno. Six months? A year? And while I use the website all the time for work-related stuff, I've never actually used the app until today. D'oh!)

2015 EDIT: I still get lots and lots of Google search hits that end up here, but unfortunately, this trick hasn't worked in a while because SoundCloud no longer lets you record from the app. Here's an updated post with a new workflow that actually lets you use Voice Memos and iOS9's share menu to get Voice Memos off your iPhone. 

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