Survivor Philippines Episode 2 Spoiler Review

The show opens with Russell deciding - for the second week in a row - that he's absolutely, definitely no-way-in-hell NOT going to be the leader of his tribe. Because that worked out so well the first time.

Malcolm and Angie cuddled all night long "to stay warm." Roxy was unimpressed.

It rained a lot.

At Mike's tribe, RC found the immunity idol clue and shared it with Abi, because she found it with Abi looking over her shoulder, so there wasn't a huge choice. But Abi became suspicious that RC spends a lot of time with Mike and they had a spat on the beach.

It rained a lot.

Jonathan complained that, because of the rain, he couldn't go looking for the idol, which he figured what near or under the shelter. The rest of the tribe too off for a cave to stay dry in the rain and Jonathan tore his camp apart looking for it. Except they came back, and Jonathan had to make up a lie about looking for his glasses. Eventually he figured out that the idol was the bull plaque on the rice container. So, one idol down.

It rained a lot.

Malcolm and Angie cuddled all night long again. Roxy: still unimpressed. And she tried to spin the rest of the tribe against the new Power Couple.

It rained a lot.

Back at Mike's tribe, Lisa withdrew due to being shy, and the tribe thought she was being sneaky and looking for the idol. She had a bit of a meltdown.

It rained a lot.

Roxy had her own meltdown due to lack of sleep, being wet, having no family, etc.

It rained a lot.

It stopped raining. Roxy was happy.

The immunity challenge involved pulling sleds to puzzle pieces, and then solving a giant puzzle. The reward part of the challenge involved the winning team get blankets and a tarp, and team 2 getting a tarp.

Mike's team finished first, Jonathan's team second, and Russell's team is off to Tribal Council for the second straight week.

Roxy decided Angie needed to go because the Power Couple needed to be broken up.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Angie what she could change about the tribe, and she said "Cookies." Much eye rolling ensued. Roxy called out the Power Couple, who looked sheepish. Malcolm claimed Angie was a little sister to him and Roxy muttered, "Creepy." Roxy made a very good case to the rest of the tribe that they were screwed if they kept Angie in the game over her.

But her words fell on deaf ears, and Roxy was voted out. Malcolm gave a very sarcastic wave to Roxy as she walked out.

Next week: Lisa scrambles to stay in the game, and Mike gets injured again.


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