Music review: Remedy Drive - Resuscitate

I'll admit that I'm not very familiar with Remedy Drive, but I got an advance copy of their new album, Resuscitate from the record company and gave it a listen for review purposes. So, track by track:

1) Better Than Life - a mid-tempo rocker of sorts (I love music, but am terrible at categorizing it. They're "songs"). Pleasant enough, and this grew on me with repeated listens. 1 for 1.

2) Lost Cause - A middle-of-the-road piano driven pop song. Didn't rock my world, but your mileage may vary. 1 for 2.

3) Resuscitate Me - A guitar rocker that has Switchfoot/U2 overtones (that's a compliment). Pretty good. 2 for 3

4) God I Hope So - The album's first full blown ballad. Quite nice. 3 for 4

5) What Are We Waiting For - A song that sounds very similar to Audio Adrenaline's "Ocean Floor" in terms of the chorus. It's actually kinda freaky. Another good song. So let's call this 4 for 5.

6) Don't Forget - A nice, uptempo poppy kind of song. Again, perfectly acceptable with a good toe-tapping chorus. 5 for 6

7) Make it Bright - A guitar/piano rocker that again makes me think it could have come from a Switchfoot album. So far, I think this is my favorite song on the album for the instrumental arrangement alone. 6 for 7

8) Crystal Sea - I thought I didn't like this very much yet found myself humming the chorus later in the day. Go figure. Guess that counts as a win. 7 for 8

9) Glory - More guitar/piano fun. But this didn't rock my world. 7 for 9

10) Hold On - This sounds almost like a Downhere tune, which is good. Another nice song. Probably my favorite overall song on the album. 8 for 10

So, from what amounts to almost a glowingly positive review, surely I'm urging you to go buy it? Honestly, I don't know. I liked the album in the sense that it's a pleasant and easy listen. But I didn't love it and it didn't grab me in any emotional sense. Or, put another way, the only song that I'd consider for inclusion in my "Faves" playlist (all my favorite songs that I own) is "Hold On" and that's actually a pretty weak percentage for an album that I'd consider buying. And since listening to it a couple of times for the review, I haven't listened to it again. Contrast that with The Wrecking's new album, "So Much For Love", which has been pretty much on constant rotation on my iPhone since its release.

In the end, then, I guess it's a thumbs in the middle for Remedy Drive.


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