Survivor One World Episode 11 Spoiler Review

Tarzan decided that 6-2 women vs. men probably wasn't a good place to be and figured he's throw his lot into doing whatever the girls wanted to do.

The reward challenge involved setting fire to effigies based on a quiz. Troyzan burned first and quickly. Tarzan was second and almost as quickly. Kim won the reward - a helicopter ride to an island for a picnic. She picked Alicia and Chelsea (and Kim had promised Kat that she'd get picked). Troyzan immediately seized the opportunity to plant some seeds of doubt in the minds of the remaining women, telling them they were obviously at the bottom.

A giant wild pig roamed by the camp during a rain storm, and, amazingly, the camera men managed to get closer to it that the survivors did. A wild chase ensued, including pig chasing music. I ended up rooting for the pig after a while. Amazingly, the producers cut to the immunity challenge without letting us know if the pig was caught and killed or not.

The immunity challenge included a slip-and-slide and ring toss. It was like a six-year-old's birthday party. Troyzan didn't make it out of the first leg of the immunity challenge, and the girls all celebrated. Kim ended up winning immunity.

Upon returning to camp, we get a shot of the pig laying about grunting. So it's safe to assume he's still alive. Perhaps a mascot.

Kim crafted a strategy of giving Christina some votes in case Troyzan plays a hidden immunity idol. Kat decided she was tired of being told what to do and then said "I don't know what to do." Sigh. Meanwhile, Troy decided to roust some other people to vote for Christina seeing as the girls were throwing some vote-splitting her way.

Alas, it didn't work, and Troyzan was voted out. So Tarzan is the last man standing.

Next week: Tarzan is the last man standing. Hey, I just said that!


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