The Amazing Race 20 Episode 8 Spoiler Review

Teams started off in Tanzania, where they had to find "Hillary Clington". All the early talk was on the Double U-Turn, and the lead teams had previously agreed that they'd get rid of Team Big Brother, who in a cutaway talked about HaterAide. Yeah, they gotta go. Teams got to do a safari while driving to the town, and it resulted in a lot of cool wildlife footage in HD, which was a nice bonus.

The Detour was a choice between filling water jugs or repair bicycles. The catch on the water jugs was a long wait at the well behind the locals. Art and JJ chose that option and ended up behind 100 or so buckets ahead of them that had to be filled.

Meanwhile, Nary and Jamie, 3 hours behind the rest of the teams, made their first appearance in the episode started this leg - 18 minutes into the episode.

Mark and Bopper decided not to U-Turn any one. Neither did Rachel or Dave.

Vanessa and Ralph wandered the streets for quite a while looking for "Hillary Clington", which was a roadside cart.

Art and JJ U-Turned Team Big Brother. I fear tears are in the future. Because there were no previous U-turns, Art and JJ thought they were in first place. Team Big Brother turned around and U-Turned Vanessa and Ralph.

The Roadblock involved harvesting honey from beehives. Mark and Bopper were the first to finish and were in a footrace to the finish with Dave and Rachel. The Southern Boys got their first top finish of the race, despite Bopper's bum knee.

Vanessa and Ralph got a flat tire on their cab trying to get to the Roadblock.

We're 51 minutes into the show and Nary and Jamie either haven't had their speed bump or they didn't show it. Oh, wait, there it is. Like, literally 30 seconds after I typed that. They were tied with Vanessa and Ralph at this point.

Vanessa and Ralph made quick work of the bee task and ran to the pit stop, leaving absolutely no drama involved in the elimination of Not The Teachers.

And Nary and Jamie were eliminated.

Next week: Art and JJ confront Rachel and Dave. And the teams go to India and Mark has a meltdown.


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