Survivor One World Episode 10 Spoiler Review

Tree mail was envelopes with $500 for everyone to set them up for the Great Survivor Auction! Always a fun time. Chelsea bought three doughnuts and ice coffee for $160. She should go on Storage Wars. People have no idea how to bid. If someone bids $400 and you have $500 and don't counter-bid, you've never watched Survivor before. Looking at you, Kat. (Although she did get a sandwich for $180, so it worked out for her.) Kim won a shower for $40 and from the shower won peanut butter and chocolate for $220. Alicia who refused bidding wars on lots of things, started the bid at the full $500 for a letter from home. And everyone cried. Tarzan also got his letter for $500. Troyzan had a bit of a meltdown over how he was alone after last night's Tribal Council. But Troyzan bought an advantage at the immunity challenge for $420. Again, people don't know how to bid on these things - Christina bid him up but backed off. Why bid it up if you don't want to actually win it and you're sitting on $500 late in the auction? And, indeed, that was exactly what Kim asked in one of her cutaway interviews later in the show.

Troyzan's immunity advantage was moving to the second round of the challenge, giving him a one in four chance of winning. Troyzan blatantly walked around camp looking for another immunity idol.

Christina, Kim, Tarzan and Troyzan were the final four in the immunity challenge.

Troyzan and Tarzan made it to the final 2 of the immunity challenge, which had to annoy the girls. Troyzan ended up winning immunity and yelled, "YES! YES! YES!" Must be a Daniel Bryan fan. And there was trash talking. Tarzan called him out at camp and said Troy had to be noble when he won. Troyzan responded that he knows everyone is against him for the rest of the game.

The girls tried to figure out Plan B, with Kim and Chelsea figuring they should get rid of either Leif or Tarzan so as to not disturb the girls. Meanwhile, Troy tried to rally an ad hoc coalition to get rid of Kim. Troy actually laid out his plan at Tribal and basically dared the tribe to vote out Kim.

But it didn't work. The votes went to Leif, and he's gone. For a guy who lasted so long on the show, he had basically no story arc and not a lot of TV time, which was odd.

This was easily the best show of the season.

Next week: The women's coalition falls apart and Troyzan works at turning the game upside down.


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