The Amazing Race 20 Episode 10 Spoiler Review

The 10th leg of the race sees the racers head to a temple to receive their next clue, which contains a Fast Forward. Team Big Brother decided to go for it, after Rachel declared at the temple that this "wasn't necessarily" her religion. Like she's unsure?

And Team Big Brother ended up with the head shaving fast forward. (Insert evil cackle here.) Rachel whined about paying $500 for extensions. AND THEY LEFT! Holy wow.

At the Roadblock, a team make had to spin 40 feet of rope from coconut husks. That actually looks harder than it sounds. Team Big Brother showed up in 4th place at the Roadblock and everyone was aghast that they didn't go for the Fast Forward. Rachel told the camera that she needed the hair to be pretty because she has a big nose. This girl has some serious self esteem issues. Art and/or JJ noted that if Mark and Bopper decided to go for the Fast Forward, they could easily go from worst to first again.

Leaving the Roadblock, Vanessa took a giant header into the cement. She continued to gut it out on a twisted ankle.

Art and JJ tried to convince Rachel to shave her hair so that Mark and Bopper couldn't do the Fast Forward. Mark and Bopper started the race at 29 minutes after the hour, so I do not have high hopes that they survive this episode.

The Detour was a choice between decorating an elephant and shovelling manure, or process ginger. Mark and Bopper's speed bump involved painting a tiger on someone's torso.

Mark and Bopper decided to take a chance on the Fast Forward. I love these men so much, particularly considering half the team is already bald.

Rachel and Dave, Team America, came in first again. That's six. And Rachel pointed out they need one more to tie the record. Team Big Brother was second, despite the whole no-hair-shaving thing. Vanessa and Ralph were third. Vanessa and Rachel had a spat at the mat. It was both amusing and childish!

Mark and Bopper had their heads shaved for the Fast Forward. Well, one them did, and the other got polished.

Art and JJ finally finished packing ginger, and it was a race between them and Mark and Bopper to the finish.

Sadly, Art and JJ finished ahead of Mark and Bopper and were team number 4.

Mark and Bopper finished last and were eliminated. Sad face. And there's no reason to watch anymore.

Next week: The two-hour finale! And the first team to to make it across the finish line HAS TO GO BACK AND FINISH THE ROAD BLOCK!


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