The Amazing Race 20 Episode 9 Spoiler Review

The episode started with Bopper getting medical attention on his bum right knee. Given that the previews showed them in India, there wasn't a lot of drama as to whether the doctor would let Bopper continue. Nonetheless, Bopper is now wearing a knee brace. Art and JJ continued their war with Dave and Rachel over breaking the U-Turn agreement from the previous episode.

Vanessa and Ralph ended up on a different flight to India but only arrived a few minutes before everyone else.

The Roadblock involved learning a Bollywood movie dance routine. Rachel from Team America was a high school dancer, while Rachel from Team Big Brother loved the colorful outfits.

Meanwhile, Mark, who is on a RACE AROUND THE WORLD, got motion sick again on the bus in India. Umm ... was he unaware this involved copious amounts of travel? Mark, as we knew in the previews for the show, does the Bollywood Roadblock and struggles.

JJ was the first to the stage to dance. "Epileptic seal" was how I'd describe it. He had to go back and practice. Team America's Rachel nailed it first try and they got their clue.

The Detour was a choice of playing cricket or driving a rickshaw. Team America's Rachel was not as good driving a rickshaw as she was dancing.

Back at the Bollywood stage, Team Big Brother Rachel had her trademark meltdown after her second failed attempt. Mark threatened to die on everyone. Art supported his partner by calling him a gorilla in a chiffon suit. Vanessa got her clue on her third attempt. Big Brother Rachel got her clue on the fourth attempt. Mark and JJ lamented being born male and utterly lacking in rhythm.

JJ got his clue on his fourth attempt but judging from the dancing they showed, he was being graded on a sliding scale.

Art and JJ and Team Big Brother did the cricket Detour and discovered that hitting a small ball with a bat was harder than it looked. And Big Brother finished before Art and JJ.

Rachel and Dave were the first to the pit stop. They almost didn't bicker in this episode, which was a nice change.

Mark gave up after 11 failed attempts at dancing, and decided dying on a stage wasn't a good idea. In the dressing room, Mark was talked into doing one more dance. And he got the clue (yeah, that was a real big sliding scale there...)

And to no one's surprise, Mark and Bopper were last, and after a lot of crying and anguish, it was a non-elimination leg, and they're still in it. Wow. At this point, I'm rooting for these guys to win. I really didn't like them at first, but I totally turned the corner on them, and they should go all the way.

Next week: Rachel cries over having to cut her hair. And Vanessa breaks her leg ... or back ... or something.


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