Survivor Nicaragua Episode 3 Recap

I've had a long day so this may be shorter than usual.

Marty showed the Oldies Tribe that he had the hidden immunity idol. People on the Old Tribe realized Dan was old. It's true. The Kiddies Tribe continued to act like they're still in junior high.

The combined reward/immunity challenge saw the Kids come back from behind to beat the Golden Oldies. They won a herb garden and fruit basket in addition to the immunity idol. Kelly B. found the idol clue in the fruit basket. Naonka also saw it and BATTLED Kelly for it. Naonka then proceeded to trash talk Kelly Naonka is a teacher? REALLY? Egads.

Back at the Retirement Home, Marty plotted against Superbowl Winning Coach Jimmy Johnson and others through around Dan's name.

In the end, Jimmy Johnson is gone. And, frankly, the only good reason to watch what has so far been a dismal season of Survivor.

Next week: Hurricane Naonka. Urg. She's got "change the channel" heat.


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