Quick Survivor and Ultimate Fighter thoughts

Survivor: Jimmy Joh- I mean, Nicaragua turned into the "Hey, it's Superbowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson" show pretty quickly. One the one hand, I hope he gets voted out soon, because he's so overshadowing everyone else on the cast. On the other hand, he is the only half-interesting character on the show so far, so maybe he should go all the way. First elimination was Wendy, who was no scapegoat. (Groan.)

Ultimate Fighter was fine. I missed parts of it, but from what I saw, Josh Koscheck pretty much stole the show with his charisma, although GSP had a certain smug charm about him. I did love how GSP declared at the start of the show, "I'm the good guy and Josh is the bad guy." Yeah, except I suspect at the end of the season that Josh is gonna be a massive babyface and GSP could be the heel. The cutaway edits of the one fighter proclaiming what a great feeling it was being on the show to him repeatedly vomiting was a nice little creative touch. From the preview of the entire season, it looks like another wild one.


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