The Amazing Race - Episode 1 Recap

The new season of TAR started tonight - AKA "The Season Where The Girl Gets Walloped In The Face With A Watermelon."

Right off the bat, I'm rooting for Team Glee and could also potentially show some love for Team YouTube.

The teams were sent off to London, England and to Stonehenge. Team Gilmore Girls burned out their clutch while Chad, the guy who wants to propose to his girlfriend Stephanie (who was given the most excellent nickname Tinkerbell) spent most of his time yelling at her. Romantic.

The first challenges were medieval - storming a castle, using an olde timey boat and THE WATERMELON CATAPULT!!!! Oh yeah. Claire eats it. I'm now concerned that the race just peaked.

Jill and Thomas (who?) came in first and won the Express Pass. The doctors were second.

And while other teams were checking in, Team Tattoo demonstrated they can't identify either a flag or boat. They'll go far.

In the end, Team Thespian came in last. The dream ended pretty quickly. But they took it well.

Next week: Ghana.


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