Survivor and Ultimate Fighter recaps

Of course, the newest seasons of Survivor and Ultimate Fighter start tonight. Survivor reprises the Geezers vs. Young Guns theme, and it's in Nicaragua. Neither one of those elements thrill me, but it's Survivor and its seasons rarely suck outright and there's usually at least one or two cast members worth following. TUF features Georges St. Pierre against Josh Koscheck as coaches. I don't anticipate GSP being anything other than his usual polite self, but he should be an excellent coach. Koscheck should be an arrogant (and thus entertaining) coach.

As in the past, I'm going to try to blog both shows, although that may be more difficult now that they're on the same night. At the very least, I'll put up my usual brief Survivor thoughts immediately following the show, and the TUF blog may not come until the next morning. But we'll see.

I can say, however, that whatever schedule I fall into for blogging about these shows will not begin tonight, as I'm out at a church function this evening (right now, in fact... ah, the joys of pre-scheduled blog posts) and I have no idea whether I'm going to be able to watch one, both or neither show by the time I get to bed this evening.

THURSDAY MORNING EDIT: New post with my mini recaps now live.


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