Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 2

So ... Holly is our first bona fide basket case of this season, flipping out and taking Dan's $1600 shoes and sinking them in the ocean. Meanwhile, at the Degrassi Tribe, there was ridiculous drama over a missing sock. Seriously.

Indeed, as I watch this show, it makes me realize yet again how good of a player Russell was ... and how there's no one even close to that level this season.

The Older Tribe won the joint reward-immunity challenge and played their Medallion of Power to do so. That left the Younger Tribe to vote off Shannon, who had a spectacular meltdown at Tribal Council that managed to not only alienate his tribe but probably half the planet.

Next week: The Medallion of Power is back with the younger tribe, and Naonka goes nuts, too. This could be a long season.


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