The thing with irony is it's so ironic

The story begins this morning when a Windows 7 compatibility check on my laptop showed that my Acronis backup software was not compatible with Windows 7. This is problematic because, of course, you should always backup your system before upgrading the OS.

So I needed to upgrade Acronis before I could even consider buying Windows 7. I went to the Acronis site, downloaded the new Acronis 2010, and installed it. Upon which time, it Blue Screen of Death'd me. Worse, it wouldn't even let me uninstall the new version, and a reinstall of the old version didn't seem to help anything either. In the end I had to use System Restore to get myself back to normal.

In the middle of uninstalling and reinstalling Acronis, though, I Google'd the Acronis Blue Screen of Death for kicks and discovered that this is a huge problem in the new software that Acronis will fix, eventually. We hope.

So I currently have backup software that is not compatible with Windows 7 that needs to be upgraded, and the upgraded backup software is not compatible with anything in the known universe. I'll be sticking with Vista for the time being, thanks.


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