About last night's Machida-Shogun fight...

The Internet's all a-buzz today because last night's UFC PPV ended with Lyoto Machida defending his UFC title against Shogun Rua by winning a unanimous decision - a decision that virtually everyone who wasn't a judge at ringside considered to be one of the worst decisions in company history.

I didn't watch the show last night, but I got an opportunity to watch the main event this afternoon, so here's my thoughts "live" as I watched each round:

Round 1 was a pick 'em. You could give either guy 10-9 on that one.

Round 2 was Shogun. So either tied 1-1 or Shogun 2-0.

Round 3 was definitely Machida's round. So, if you gave 1 to Machida, he's up 2-1. Otherwise, it's Shogun up 2-1.

Round 4 was another one of those toss-ups. I'd give it to Shogun because he was pressing the action more than Machida, but Machida probably got the best of the few exchanges that actually connected. So now, it's Shogun 3-1, or Machida 3-1 or 2-2. I'm now having some sympathy for the judges.

Round 5 was Shogun, hands down.

So here's the deal from my perspective: Machida clearly won just one round - round 3. Shogun clearly won rounds 2 and 5, and probably 4. So Shogun should have won 3 rounds to 2 for Machida. So the wrong guy won the fight, but it wasn't a robbery or anything close to the worst decision I've ever seen in UFC. And it wasn't like either guy was ever close to being finished during the fight. As Dana White always says, "Never let it go to the judges."


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