A shocking rediscovery

A few years ago, I had a gold crown put in next to a brand-new silver filling on the back two teeth on the right side of my mouth. The combination of two different, shiny new metals side by side resulted in me getting shocked every time I swallowed. The saliva completed the circuit, and for a few days, I was a human battery. It was very annoying. (The shock effect amazed my dentist - he'd heard about it, but never seen one in person.)

The shocks went away after a few days as the metals were no longer as shiny and smooth, and other than writing a Sun column about it at the time, I never thought much about it again.

Until today. See, that filling broke a few weeks ago and I got it replaced yesterday. Now I'm getting shocked again every time any sort of liquid - saliva, coffee, water - passes through the filling and the crown. Oh joy.

If anyone needs their BlackBerry charged, however, come see me. I can hook you up.


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