John Cena vs. Kurt Angle - No Mercy 2003

For no particular reason, I grabbed No Mercy 2003 tonight and watched the John Cena vs. Kurt Angle match.

Random observations:

Cena was probably better in the ring in some ways in 2003 than he is today. Certainly, he had a much bigger moveset and did all kinds of stuff he doesn't do today (like the legdrop off the top rope). Yes, yes, he was in the ring with Kurt Angle at Angle's peak, but still ... nothing is stopping Cena from pulling out the same moveset today.

Holy cow, was he ever a great heel personality. I'd forgotten how much fun he was as a heel. Makes me realize how milquetoast he is today.

Hysterical to hear the men in the crowd chanting "Let's go Cena!" at the heel Cena while the women and kids chanted "Let's go Angle!" and only a couple of years later, the men would be chanting for Cena's opponents after Cena became the babyface.

When Angle locks on the ankle lock at the end of the match, the crowd STANDS AND APPLAUDS in near unison even before Cena taps out. Fantastic.

Really good match, too. Reaffirmed in my head that Cena does need to turn heel, though.


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