Mike's Mini Music Review - Hawk Nelson - Live Life Loud

It's been a pretty incredible late summer/fall of new album releases. The most recent addition to my music addiction is Hawk Nelson's Live Life Loud. In two words: Really fun.

The title track reminds me of the B52s crossed with Toni Basil's Mickey, and is one of those consummate summer songs that requires the listener to play it very loud in the car with the windows down. Never Enough grinds along with a fun groove. Eggshells bops along with another fun groove. The Meaning of Life has a bit of a retro feel to it, although I'll be darned to figure out which musical era (vaguely 60s with a mix of 80s?). Alive continues the trend of the first half of the album - another solid song.

Not every song is a winner - Ode to Stanley is quirky and full of Canadian content, but it's nothing special. And while Tis So Sweet is a classic hymn, it just feels so utterly out of place on a poppy-punk rock record.

If you want to have a listen, Live Life Loud has been streaming on the New Release Tuesday website (registration required), and I've listened to it repeatedly that way. When it disappears from there, I'll be shelling out $10 on Itunes for it.

And isn't that dog just the cutest thing?


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