Hell's Kitchen Season 2 continued

I've managed to wind my way to the end of Hell's Kitchen Season 2. As I had indicated in my original post, it was obvious from the get-go that Heather was going to win the entire thing.

But certainly that opinion is clouded by the fact that, you know, Heather won. If I hadn't known that going in, it's possible I would have thought near the end that she would have been bounced.

On the other hand, there were really no other serious contenders. Keith ("K-Grease") was, fundamentally, a clown, not a chef. And his cooking ability was, in this scribe's humble opinion, constantly overshadowed by his goofy faces and "K-Grease" persona. There's no way Ramsay would have picked him, because regardless of his talent, his personality didn't fit Ramsay's idea of what makes a successful chef.

How Virginia managed to survive all the way to the final two - despite being put up for nomination almost every second episode - is one of the great mysteries of this season.

In the end, though, there wasn't a whole lot memorable about this season. In fact, it appears in hindsight that the really big drama happened after the season was over.

On to Season 3, which is the final HK season that I haven't seen. I started watching the show early into Season 4.


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