The Amazing Race 22 Two Hour Season Finale Spectacular!

Teams take a ferry to Belfast. There's nearly a 4-hour difference from team 1 to team 4, and somehow I think that will change really soon. And, indeed, the ferry isn't until morning, so everyone sleeps on the floor of the ferry terminal. The teams drove themselves from the Belfast terminal to the city. Two of the teams headed in one direction, two went in another. Turns out Max and Katie and the hockey brothers did the correct turn, while the roller derby girls and country singers didn't.

The Roadblock was bog snorkelling. Not surprisingly, it was a sport invented while drinking (hey, don't blame me, PHIL SAID IT!). Teams had to beat a 4 minute clock. Bates and Anthony did it in 2:18. Katie did it in 3:08. Mona screamed the entire way, including when they were taking off the wetsuit, but did it in 2:53. Jennifer of the country singers fell off a dock and got stuck in mud and struggled to make the final lap. She didn't make it in time and had to do it over again. The second time, she craweled out of the mud pit because she was having trouble breathing.

From the bog, it was off to find THE THING WITH THE RING. Which is not to be confused with The Lord of the Rings, or WWE's King of the Ring. The clue was for the Detour, where the choices were to serve 5 courses of meals from the Titanic, or do graffiti art from a reference picture.

Meanwhile, back at the bog pit, Jennifer was wanting to quit.

Meanwhile, back at the dock where the Titanic was built, teams used a seating chart to serve the dishes, but they missed the menu in the front. Finally, Katie figured out something was wrong, and they corrected the dishes they took out to the guests. Pretty much every team made that mistake. The Roller Girls made the mistake more than once.

Meanwhile, back at the bog pit, Jennifer took a third attempt at the bog pit. And she did it with 15 seconds to spare.

Back at the dock, teams were realizing that the various dishes weren't marked. Katie and Max switched up their roles, and he started running the food while she put the trays together.

The Country Singers were sent to the wrong thing with the ring and went to something that was a ring. When they finally got their clue, they decided to go graffiti-ing.

The Roller Girls manged to completely screw up their five-course dinner multiple times.

The dessert was a problem for all the teams because there were 2 different coloured jellies, and the correct one was chartreuse. Which is green. Everyone picked the red.

Max and Katie were first done, and were off to the pit stop, Ulster Hall.

Mona and Beth were still getting the menu wrong, not realizing there was a main menu on the front of the tent, in addition to their seating chart. Anthony finally tipped them off as to the big menu.

Max and Katie and the Hockey Brothers were in a foot race to the pit stop. M&K won by about 15 seconds. They were teams 1 and 2, so in the final 3.

Back at the Titanic, the Roller Derby girls started making their own Titanic jokes, but FINALLY figured out what they were doing wrong. Seriously, they've spent most of the first hour delivering food.

The Country Girls spraypainted a wall. They did better than the Roller Derby girls did at delivering food.

Of course, CBS edited it together so that both teams got their final pit stop clues at the same time, making for a very dramatic finish, even though when the Roller Girls left, it was darker than when the country singers left. Yet the Roller Derby girls finished third. They cried.

The Country Girls were eliminated. They didn't cry. But they said they'd write songs about it.

The final leg starts with the teams heading to London, England for their next clue in a pub. The first boat to England is 10:30 in the morning, so all the teams are together again. The clue sent them to Washington, DC, where the next clue is on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Teams arrived at the airport at 11:30 p.m., and the ticket counter opened at 5:15 a.m.

Teams were off to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue to get their picture taken with the President. The Roller Girls thought they were off to the White House, which is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. So that cost them some time. The teams were SURPRISED the picture was a blue screen composite at a souvenir shop and not the real president. REALLY, PEOPLE!?

The Roadblock has a team member had to find a marked car in a parking lot, mark 3 times on the window and find their next clue amongst 50 spies, by answering a question about how the teams finished in three legs of the race. The hockey brothers and Max and Katie were on it at the same time, while the Roller Derby girls were getting their picture taken. Bates was the first to get his handoff briefcase. Bates then pulled out his notebook with all of the race history on it, and he got his briefcase open pretty quickly as a result. They headed out to the baseball stadium.

At the Nationals park, one team member had to zipline while throwing a ball to their partner in the mascot costume.

Back at the spy regime, both Beth and Max got their briefcases. Beth and Mona whipped out their notebook. Max remembered. They both ran for taxis.

The Hockey Brothers caught the ball on the second try. The baseball said Hains Point. There were giant globes and a big pit of mini-globes. One team member had to sort through the giant globe pit to find highlighted globes featuring the countries they were in, and then put them in the right order.

Back at the stadium ... well, the Roller Derby Girls might still be there now, in May 2013. Well, no, they actually did finish after 17 attempts.

Bates and Anthony finished the globe task before Max and Katie arrived, and headed to the finish line. Oh, please, don't let them lose due to a bad cab driver. Max and Katie finished the globe task.

Bates and Anthony made it to the finish line with no issues. One of the least dramatic finishes in recent memory, but they were very deserving winners. Good for them. Max and Katie finished seond. Roller girls were third.

Good season overall.


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