Survivor Caramoan Finale!

It's the 172 hour season finale of Survivor, which starts today and ends a week from Thursday, I think. The show starts off with a recap of the entire season that took approximately 7 hours on its own. 

So, finally, we get back to the actual show and Erik is feeling dizzy, so the call in medical in the middle of the night. The doctor gives Erik an IV due to his dehydration and moments later, pulled Erik from the game due to his condition. So, 11 minutes into the finale, we're down to the final four, which means this should have much more filler than usual.

So the final four is the unlikely crew of Cochran, Dawn, Sherri and Eddie. Cochran and Eddie decide they want to get rid of Dawn next.

The final four engaged in a reward challenge that involved building a house of cards on a balance beam while holding the beam steady with one hand. The reward was a "huge advantage" at the final immunity challenge. Everyone had their stack of tile cards fall multiple times. Finally, Cochran won. That's his third individual challenge win this season. He so deserves to win the entire thing.

Cochran narrated the latest Dawn breakdown: "the catatonic freak out".

The trip to the final immunity challenge first involved doing the 20-minute Survivor retrospective featuring random people who may or may not have actually played the game. Some of them were so memorable that Cochran once said, "Who was Callie?" 

Cochran's big advantage in the final immunity challenge was his bag of puzzle pieces weren't tied up, so he had a substantial time advantage, as he had all three of his bags before anyone else had two bags. He had issues putting the puzzle together, and his lead evaporated in the putting together of the puzzle. But he rallied and won immunity AGAIN. Is it any more obvious that he deserves to win?

Eddie lobbied hard for Cochran to get rid of Dawn. Cochran was undecided.

At Tribal Council, Dawn and Eddie both tried to talk about how much they suck compared to the other one, trying to get Cochran to vote the other person out. Eddie was voted out. So the final three is Dawn, Cochran and Sherri. 


We had the grilling of the final three by the jury. The only real emotion was from Brenda, who demanded - DEMANDED! - that Dawn take out her false lower teeth. Dawn did. Based on how the whole jury thing went, Sherri will get exactly zero votes, as no one took her seriously in the finals; and Dawn may get two or three votes, but, really, this is Cochran's to lose.

And the votes are in ... and COCHRAN WINS! And rightly so!


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