Survivor Caramoan Episode 12 Spoiler Review

The previews during the week promised two tribal councils, so I plan to make this a shorter review than  usual, as I'm gonna cut to the chase on the show. And because I'm tired and really don't feel like typing a lot.

The first tribal council involved balancing on a floating pyramid in the water. The winner gets immunity and information in the form of a secret scroll. Erik and Eddie stepped off for doughnuts. Cochran left the challenge for hotdogs and pop. Andrea and Brenda were the last 2, and they went three freaking hours. Brenda eventually fell in and Andrea won immunity. The information was the clue to the hidden immunity idol, and she shared it with her entire alliance. Erik found it and immediately gave it to Andrea. At Tribal Council, Reynold was voted out. To no one's surprise.

And wasting no time, we go right into the next immunity challenge, which involved puzzle pieces, ladders, swimming and other complications. Erik won. Jeff asked him if he was going to do something so monumentally stupid as to give it away again. Yeah, not this time. Andrea got blind sided at Tribal and went home with the hidden immunity idol in her pocket unplayed.

Next week: Cochran is the target, and Erik turns one dimensional. Plus, the family visits, so be prepared to weep.


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