Survivor One World Season Finale

It's the exciting finale to Survivor: One World, which, considering the final five are all women, maybe "Survivor: One Gender" works better. Either way, the men messed this one up big time.

The first immunity challenge of the night was one of those meta-challenges: knots, tight-rope style maze, rope net, puzzle pieces, clues, combination locks, brain surgery.... Kim won immunity, narrowly edging out Alicia and Chelsea.

Kim was trying to decide whether to get rid of Chelsea or Alicia. The best part of this was watching both of them tell the camera that it couldn't possibly be them being voted off.

Kim chose Alicia for elimination. From the jury, Kat muttered bad things. My wife declared that Chelsea is going to win the entire thing now.

We got the usual 20-minute retrospective for the voted-off Survivors. Yawn. I mean, seriously. I almost nodded off there.

The final immunity challenge involved balancing bowls on a teetering structure with an extension arm.

Kim won the final immunity and now has to be the odds-on favorite to win. Which probably means she won't.

Christina asked Kim if she was going home. Kim said yes. They hugged. Christina didn't fight it. At Tribal Council, Jeff pushed Christina to not just roll over and die. But she did. Christina ends up as the final member of the jury. So the final three are Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina. And now we get 40 more minutes of jury questions, retrospectives and blah, blah, blah, until the actual vote is revealed.

So let's just skip to the end: the winner of Survivor One World is Kim. And deservedly so.


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