Michael W. Smith (@michaelwsmith) concert review

Considering he's been a Christian music icon since I was a teenager, last night was only the second time I'd ever seen Michael W. Smith in concert (with the first being at Break Forth a couple of years ago). Our seats were 10 feet from the stage with Smitty right in front of us. The concert was tremendous. Smitty did a combination of his greatest hits along with his favorite songs from his vast collection of music, and a couple of new instrumental tunes from his recent "Glory" album. He's an amazingly talented and gifted performer and man of God. This was a giant thumbs up.

The highlight of the night, though, was Smitty's backup band - a group called L'Angelus (as noted on their website, "say Lawn-Jay-Loose") who got to play a four-song sub-set during Michael's time on stage. They're a Cajun hoe-down, two-step, fiddle music band - and that's a sentence that contains pretty much ever word I have never associated with music that I like. And half of their lyrics are in French, no less. But they were so great that I plopped down $10 for one of their CDs at the end of the night. My wife was baffled by my instant fandom. It kind of surprised me, too, but they were so energetic and having so much fun on stage that they won me over. And their music is very catchy.

All in all, a very fun night out.


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