Survivor One World Episode 12 Spoiler Review

It's product placement time, as a Name Brand Smart Phone appeared in tree mail, so it's going to be video messages from home and probably loved one visits. Actually, no probably about it. The video messages basically said that the relatives are all on the island and that their loved one better win to get the visit. It was all sweet and teary-eyed. The Loved Ones came out at the reward challenge and it was even more teary-eyed. Except Kat. Who had a stroke, I think, when her cousin came out. It was odd.

The Survivors and Loved Ones had to compete in the reward challenge together. Kat and her weird cousin won. Kat chose Kim and her sister and Alicia and her sister to go along, making several other Survivors sad, as the general feeling was that Tarzan and his wife and Christina and her ailing father should have been taken instead. Kat declared he was going to the reward challenge and get drunk.

The immunity challenge involved hanging on to what appeared to be a water ski kind of rope leaning forward over the water. Jeff turned a winch that lowered them towards the water. Kat, Kim and Christina were the final three in the challenge. After an hour-long-plus struggle, Kim defeated Kat to take immunity.

The girls bickered over whether to get rid of Kat or Sabrina. Tribal council was a cat fight - pun kinda intended, really - and it was gang-up on the 22-year-old Kat. I'm really not sure how Kat manages to function in the real world.

Kat was voted out. She looked shocked and then cried.

Next week: Tarzan goes crazy. But on purpose.


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