The Amazing Race 20 - Episode 2 Spoiler Review

Teams had to go to the town square where they had to find a courier. We learned early on that Mr. Clown from the Clown Team had battled and beaten cancer twice. That's usually a bad foreshadowing omen - when we learn something deeply personal about a team, they're going home. All the teams gathered at the square overnight waiting for the courier to arrive on horseback. They got a clue to the Detour - build a solar kitchen and boil a tea kettle, or gather firewood, load it on a donkey and deliver it to a pottery workshop.

Everyone did the solar panel task except the Border Patrol Agents, Art and JJ, who drove around looking for the donkey task only to realize after driving around that they'd driven past it. "Can this get any worse?" one of them exclaimed, which is usually a total editing trick to say, "Yes, it's going to get a lot worse."

Meanwhile, back at the solar panel challenge, we literally watched people boil water. I hope the next challenge involves watching paint dry. Mark and Bopper were the first to have their water boil and they said ... well, frankly, I have no idea what they said. I need subtitles for them.

Art and JJ left the Detour in second place and made up a lot of time. Meanwhile, we watched water boil some more.

Teams headed off by bus to Buenos Aires. The second bus with the middle pack of teams was delayed in the middle of the night by a window that blew out.

In Buenos Aires, the teams had to ... well, do math. It involved cows and auctions and average weights, and I'm a history major, so, yeah, math. After watching the teams do this, I'm still not sure what they had to do. Rachel from Big Brother had a cow. (Groan.) Mark helped her out. Rachel then had another cow - over a missing taxi. I'm here all night. Try the veal.

After counting cows, it was off to the pit stop. Not the Rachel From Big Brother and Dave finished first. Again. So they have 2 firsts and the Express Pass from last week's episode. Art and JJ were second, so, in fact, things did NOT get worse for them, at least in this episode. Bopper and Mark were third. Team Big Brother was fourth.

The race to not be eliminated fell to the four teams on the delayed bus with the blown out window: the Dating Divorcees, Team Clown, the Twins, and Jersey Shore. The Divorcees, Vanessa and Ralph, were the first out of their group done at the cow challenge and finished seventh.

And, sure enough, the Clowns finished last and were eliminated. So, yeah, their elimination was totally foreshadowed if you get how they put together these shows. They left the show with wacky clown music.

Next week: Watermelons! I hope someone gets splatted in the face. And Rachel from Big Brother makes fun of some other girl's makeup. Ooooh, it's on!


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