The Amazing Race 20 - Episode 1 Spoiler Review

It's the Amazing Race Season 20, and the twist this year is that all the teams will live on the same beac- oh, wait, wrong show. Sorry.

The show got off to a bad start with two contestants from Big Brother, followed by two Jersey Shore types. Oh dear. But maybe the Federal Agents can take out both those teams.

Teams started by pulling clues from mini hot air balloons, and then they had to fly to Santa Barbara ... which is where they started. Except there's also one in Argentina. Amazingly, a lot of the teams totally gassed out on the first task, which involved running up one hill and pulling down balloons. Misa and Maiya spent nearly TWO HOURS looking for their clue. For that, they ended up on the second flight to Argentina with four other teams. It's taken me 15 minutes to hope Bopper and Mark are quickly eliminated.

In Argentina, the Married Clowns, Dave and Cherie, quickly fell behind and she started to cry. Tears of the Clown. Oh, and then she made the joke, too.

The Roadblock required one team to skydive and the partner to find them n the ground. The Boarder Patrol guys teamed up with Army Guy to figure out what they were doing. Skydiving. Not. In. A. Million. Years. Maiya got her car stuck in sand trying to find her sister, which cost her some time and left them in last.

The Border Patrol Agents had the lead leaving the skydiving task. From there it was off to make empanadas, 60 meat and 60 cheese, each with their own crimping pattern, which tripped up some teams. Army Guy and his wife, Dave and Rachel, were first and won the express pass. Team Big Brother finished second.

After 20 minutes of TV time focussing on empanadas, I wanted to eat dinner again. Misa and Maiya couldn't find Phil on the grounds when they were done, despite being within eye shot of him at one point. Jersey Shore snuck into 10th spot, and the sisters were eliminated.

Next week: No idea. The channel I was watching showed a season preview.


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