Break Forth: Downhere, Starfield and Third Day

Two of my three favorite bands performed tonight at Breakforth in Edmonton. (Hey, Third Day is great. Just not in my top 3.)

Downhere did a Marc Martel heavy set due to the absence of Jason Germain, whose wife is due with their first child. The fill in vocalist, Jeffrey (?) did an admirable job. But it was a set to show off Marc's voice and songs in which he has lead vocals. And they did Somebody to Love, which was awesome! Love this band so much.

Starfield did their usual greatest hits set, which was their usual fantastic. We do a lot of their songs in out worship band and I really respect and admire these guys. That said, I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling their new song, The Kingdom.

Third Day was LOUD. It was my first time seeing them live and they were GREAT!

So, thumbs up for a fantastic evening.


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