Surivor Redemption Island finale!

It's the finale of Survivor: Redemption Island. Can Rob take it all the way to the end and win a million dollars for "Ambuh"? Will Matt return from Redemption Island and win the whole game despite never really playing the game and making Survivor Purists curse the name of Mark Burnett? Will Phillip reveal himself to be a normal human being who actually manages a Radio Shack and the closest he's been to being a federal agent was seeing Hunt for Red October?

All these questions and more will be answered over the next three hours. That, and lots of downtime remembering castaways who may or may not have actually played the game. (I swear some years they throw random strangers into the "fallen castaways" montage just to mess with our heads.)

The final duel had the winner rejoining the game and the three losers join the jury.

Grant was the first one out. Matt was the second one out, ending his run as the Redemption Island king. Mike dropped third, and Andrea ends up back in the game.

The first immunity challenge of the night was won by Ashley. Gee, maybe Rob should have had her voted out instead of Grant.

Rob decided that Andrea would be voted out and went fishing. And Rob said he wouldn't play his immunity idol even though this was his last chance.

Andrea, meanwhile, tried to get the girls to vote for Rob and knock him out.

Andrea pretty much gave away her plan at Tribal Council. That wasn't bright. Rob did play his immunity idol. And Andrea was summarily dispatched to the jury. In some ways, Andrea and Matt do belong together.

The final immunity challenge was won by Rob. And if he doesn't win the entire game now, I will be an absolute crime.

Going into the final Tribal Council, Rob told Ashley it was Phillip and told Phillip than it was Ashley. Rob worked to convince Natalie to vote off her friend.

It worked. Ashley was blindsided, leaving a final 3 of Rob, Natalie and Phillip.

And at this point, we have almost 40 minutes until the final vote is revealed. Oh joy.

So let's finally cut to the chase, because I'm assuming if you've read this far, you actually want to know who won Survivor: Redemption Island.

So, the winner of Survivor: Redemption Island is ...



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