The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 10 Recap

Teams flew in helicopters up the Matterhorn to do either a search task or a rescue task. A lot of the teams complained about how cold it was. Yeah, come live in Canada for a while. Zev and Justin struggled to dig out their dummy from the snow and fell behind the other teams.

The teams then went to a chocolate factory to make a chocolate figurine. Kent couldn't tell the difference between an oven and a freezer and was generally annoying. The Globetrotters got into it with the Goths, accusing Vyxsin of taking one of their molds. She cried.

Teams had to make their way on foot to the pit stop. Kent and Vyxsin went looking for a taxi and got a ride to the pit stop. The Globetrotters came in first. Kisha and Jen were second. K&V were third but got a 30 minute penalty. Gary and Mallory were team three. Kent, of course, blamed Vyxsin for misreading the clue. Zev and Justin came in fourth.

Kent and Vyxsin were last and bickered the entire time and them said they were best friends and such. Sure. I'm just glad they're gone.

Next week: The 2 hour finale!?


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