Survivor Nicaragua Episode 8 Recap

It's tribal merge day on Survivor, which means the teams will be told to drop their buffs, enjoy a merge feast, the enjoyment of which will actually last about 20 TV seconds, and then they'll be scrambling to build new alliances and start throwing people under the bus again, while clambering to win individual immunity.

There. I just recapped the first 45 minutes of the show without even watching it.

So, now that the show is actually on...

The merged tribe is called Libertad. Naonka made tortillas with the bag of flour they got, and after getting the last tortilla, she decided to show her maturity by stealing food and a frying pan. I ask again: SHE'S A TEACHER?

The tribe, of course, blamed Naonka on the entirely reasonable grounds she's utterly insane. Naonka reacted by screaming and storming off. Later, Naonka copped to it and threw Alina under the bus, too. You stay classy, Naonka.

The immunity challenge had 2 necklaces up for grabs, one for the guys, one for the girls. Jane won immunity for the women, and stayed in the challenge to try to beat the men too. Fabio won for the men.

The tribe debated whether to vote out Marty or Alina. In the end, it was Alina who got the boot. She's the first member of the jury.

Next week: Naonka - still crazy.


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