The Amazing Race Episode 7 Recap

Sorry for the late post on this. I watch an American time-shift feed that often gets pre-empted by football. So TAR started over an hour late tonight. Sigh.

The teams are in Russia. They were off to the circus. Task No. 1 was a choice between plate spinning and accordion playing. Jill and Thomas managed to not accomplish neither task several times.

Meanwhile, a bunch of teams, including Michael and Kevin both misread clues and took taxis instead of walking. Only Brook and Claire figured it out and retreated to do right.

Hey, why didn't Nick and Vicki have a speed bump after being spared in the non-elimination leg last week?

Nat and Kat finished first after acing the Russian bowling task. The end was a race between Chad and Stephanie, who showed up at the mat without their bags and were sent back to pay their cab, and Michael and Kevin who ended up with an hour-long penalty, versus C&S's 30 minute penalty. So Kevin and Michael were eliminated. Team YouTube has been logged out.

Next week: Chad and Stephanie oversleep.


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