Survivor Nicaragua Episode 10 Recap

It's the much-anticipated "Day From Hell" episode of Survivor: Nicaragua. The TV guide preview helpfully tells us that the camp burns down due to an unattended fire. Apparently, no one thought it was a bad idea to leave the fire unattended surrounded by wooden chests to keep it protected from the rain. Although, frankly, the entire scene played out on less time than it took you to read this and was never mentioned again.

The show-long storyline was folks plotting to get Brenda out. But Chase kinda blew the plan a bit by telling Brenda.

Meanwhile, Jane won immunity.

At Tribal, Sash declined to use his hidden immunity idol to save Brenda and the cute but evil queen was was voted out. Now there's no reason to watch this show. And Naonka is still in this. Blergh.

Next week: I'm out at a social function and won't be recapping the show until Thursday at the earliest. Oh, and surprise! Naonka is still crazy.


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