Late slip - My favorite Christian albums of 2008

(I meant to write this post, like, three months ago, and just forgot. But what the heck.)

I bought Run Kid Run's "Love At The Core" album yesterday off iTunes, and have been loving it to death for the last 24 hours. That got me thinking of some of my fave Christian music from last year. Looking through my album collection, I'd have to narrow it down to three albums:

Newsboys - Houston, We Are Go
Downhere - Ending is Beginning
Starfield - I Will Go

The Newsboys live album produced what was my favorite song of the year (and, actually, the year before, too, seeing as they've done several versions of it) in "I Am Free." It's a great rocker and it sounds awesome live.

Downhere put together was I think was, front to back, my favorite album of the entire year. It's the album that I can put in my car stereo any time and enjoy it.

But Starfield produced a fantastic album that had my favorite worship song of the year in "Reign In Us." Plus, about half the songs on the album are now part of the worship signing in our church.


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