Frank Mir injured? May fight with Brock off?

MMA reporter Oliver Copp is reporting on the Figure 4 Online messageboards right now that Frank Mir is injured and his May fight with Brock Lesnar to unify the UFC Heavyweight and Interim Heavyweight titles is off.

If true, this is terrible news. That was easily a million buys PPV.

Updates and links as they become available.

UPDATE: MMA Weekly says Mir's already had knee surgery.

I guess the question now is whether UFC knew about this before they started selling tickets to UFC 98 and officially announcing the fight?

SECOND UPDATE: Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports says Mir did have knee surgery, but the fight is still on for May. As of now, UFC boss Dana White is claiming ignorance.

THIRD UPDATE: Several posters on the F4W messageboards have pointed out that Dana White's protests of not knowing anything about Mir's knee surgery before putting tickets on sale yesterday ring hollow. Mir, after all, was conspicuous by his absence at the announce booth at the WEC show on Sunday night. That doesn't necessarily mean White knew he could be pulling out of the fight, but the timing is certainly strange.

FOURTH UPDATE: Bryan and Dave at Figure 4 Online/Wrestling Observer are reporting that Mir's knee still needs to be operated on, and May main event is touch and go, and possible fight could be moved to UFC 99 or 100. Still, it begs question of whether UFC knew this yesterday when they put tickets on sale for UFC 98. The credibility of UFC as honest promoters could take a big hit on this one. UFC has always been up front with fans about state of cards.


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