Er, no ... still laptopless

The shipping of my new laptop did not occur today as expected because the company was unable to process my order because (wait for it), my credit card was refused because my address didn't match exactly because (wait for it) I neglected to put "NW" at the end of my address when placing the order online. Yes, for lack of a NW (or "northwest"), Mastercard repeatedly refused to take the order.

It was finally straightened out and the laptop is now en route. Hopefully here by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I could go down to Wal-Mart tonight, go through automated checkout, scribble THIS IS NOT MY SIGNATURE on the computer screen, and my purchase would SAIL through. But not NW. Oh, noooo...

Further meanwhile, I just had a very painless install of a brand new wireless N router. No laptop to use it with at the moment, but ...


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