Citrus-Mint gum? Why not!?

My wife got a couple samples of the new Extra Citrus Mint gum the other day. Now, I like citrus gum a lot - any kind of intense combination of lemon/lime/orange flavored gum is chewing heaven for me. But it's very hard to find, as, apparently, I'm the only person on earth who likes that kind of gum. And, of course, I like mint gum. So what's the verdict on a gum that is both lemony and minty?

Well, my wife put it best when she said, "It's awful when you start, but it gets better."

The actual flavor combination is pretty terrible. Mint and lemon really don't go together well in my opinion, but the good news is that the mint vanishes pretty quickly, leaving a very pleasant, intense lemony flavor that I really enjoyed. So I'd probably buy this if I saw it in the stores and have someone pre-chew it for 15 seconds for me.


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