Weird server issues are weird

So, honestly, I have no idea whether by the time this get posted people will be able to read it or not, because my site's been down again today. Here's the particulars in terms of what happens when this site goes down:
  • I can't access it at home on my Shaw Internet hookup, regardless of browser, wifi, etc.
  • I also can't access it at work, which is notably NOT a Shaw Internet hookup.
  • However, I can access my site through a proxy server. Which makes me think that it's some kind of bizarre Edmonton Internet glitch.
  • And I can post to my site when it's "down" and the RSS shows up in Google Reader.
The problem, of course, is that because I can access the site through a proxy server, my hosting company in Toronto also has no trouble bringing up this page and keeps blowing off my requests for assistance on why I can't access my own website.

It's very frustrating.


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