How to solve the Strikeforce heavyweight title situation

Strikeforce has a problem. They wanted Fedor Emilianenko to fight for their heavyweight title against champion Alistair Overeem. And then Fedor lost in a minute to Fabricio Werdum in the title elimination fight. Fedor has 1 fight left on his contract. So what do you do? Strikeforce thinks this is their solution: Just give Fedor the title shot anyway (provided he signs the champion's clause).

This has a lot of MMA fans up in arms. Why should the loser of the title elimination fight get the title shot? The real answer, of course, is that it's the only match that will sell on CBS.

So, if that's the case, do it this way:

Do Fedor vs. Overeem for Fedor's WAMMA title, not the Strikeforce title.

Have the storyline be Overeem refuses to defend the Strikeforce title against a guy who lost in his last match, and Fedor then saying he'll put his title on the line instead to get the match. CBS gets their 5-round championship fight.

So, if Fedor wins, Overeem didn't beat the "undisputed" heavyweight champion of the independent MMA groups. Fedor leaves, Overweem still has the Strikeforce belt.

If Overeem wins, he "unifies" the WAMMA title with his Strikeforce belt.

There. Simple.


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