Newsboys - Houston We Are Go - CD/DVD Review

I have to admit ... I've been hot and cold on the Newsboys. Way back when, I liked their connection to Steve Taylor and their goofy, humorous songs, and thought they were funny and thought provoking. Then I kind of lost touch with them and what I did hear from them was more worship-oriented music, which was fine for what it was, but there are a billion bands that do worship music and it didn't exactly gravitate me towards their CDs.

Then I heard the live version of "I Am Free."

That song single-handedly got me back into listening to the Newsboys. I'm not a rabid fan (they'd be no higher than my fourth or fifth favorite band right now), but I've got enough of an appreciation of their music to spend a few bucks on the new Houston We Are Go live CD/DVD. Well, that and my general love for live albums.

I'm still watching the DVD (literally, as I type this), and I've listened to most of the CD. It's really good. Nothing surprising. The Newsboys have a very polished sound that doesn't sound *that* much different compared to their studio albums. But it's absolutely a fun listen (and completely slick DVD). If you're a fan, you probably already own it. If you're not a fan, this is a pretty decent "best of" collection that will introduce you to all facets of the band.

Thumbs up.


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