I'm not complaining about the new Facebook, but ...

Within a day or so of Facebook permanently updating everyone to the "new Facebook," a friend of mine changed her status update to bemoan all of the people bemoaning the new Facebook.

She said that complaining about the new Facebook was such a "first world" complaint. In other words, only people like us in North America, full of affluence and without any real worries in life, could be bothered by a different interface on a piece of free software we are using.

Fair point.

However, my issue with the redesign is not a complaint per se about how it looks, but how it functions - or doesn't function.

Since the switchover, I have found Facebook to be very buggy in all sorts of ways. The news feeds are often 18 hours behind, or are weird mixed bag of brand-new updates plus stuff that is three days old. It doesn't update my Google Reader feed automatically anymore, forcing me to manually import stuff every once in a while. Stuff like that. And there seems to be no actual mechanism for giving feedback to Facebook in any way that results in a live human being responding and saying, "Yes, we're aware of that problem and we're trying to fix it."

Those would probably fall under the category of "first world" complaints as well, and I don't have any problem with that. Really, I don't care much at all how Facebook looks, but I do care about how it functions. And right now, it's not functioning very well.


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