Quick WWE Draft thoughts

I'm really tired, so this is going to be very quick.
  • Raw just got far more interesting with Hunter off the brand and moving to Smackdown. Unfortunately, at the same time, Raw got far more unwatchable with Michael Cole moving to the announce desk.
  • Take the above sentence and reverse it with "Smackdown" "less interesting" "Hunter on the brand," "more watchable" and "Jim Ross." Seriously, Hunter is so stale, and I fear he's going to SD! only to squash Edge. On the other hand, Jim Ross and Mick Foley could become an amazingly good announce team.
  • If last night's draft is going to mean anything, it should build for Edge vs. Hunter and Batista vs. Cena for the respective SD! and Raw world titles at Wrestlemania 25.
  • Poor Matt Hardy. Poor, poor Matt Hardy.

As for the show-ending angle with Vince being "crushed" by the set ... yawn.


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