Ultimate Fight Night ZZZzzzzz...

It's a good thing that the Invading Peruvian Missionaries were watching last night's UFC Ultimate Fight Night with me, or else I probably wouldn't have made it through to the end of the show. Not the best Fight Night ever - some pretty dull fights that featured a bunch of pretty dull fighters.

OK, maybe that's not fair. I didn't hate it as I watched it. Some of the show I really enjoyed. But writing this now, less than 24 hours after it was over, I remember almost nothing about it - except the one guy with the hole through his lip. And that's all I remember about it - not his name or anything; just the image of him showing the camera the giant hole where part of his lower lip had been a few minutes before.

Otherwise, it was completely forgettable - the fights, and the fighters.

Sure, the Fight Nights are supposed to spotlight lower-level guys and give them some exposure and experience. And, unlike wrestling where everything can be planned out, UFC President Dana White can't be telling fighters, "I want a knockout 1:32 into round one, and make it dramatic!"

It's live TV. If it's dull, that's the risk they take.

But even at the best of times, Fight Nights can be pretty frustrating.

The big problem with Fight Night shows is that they contain about 1 minute of fighting for every 9 minutes of promotional material, commercials, or extended previews of the show's sponsoring movie or video game (or, like last night, both).

Normally I just tape them and watch them using the FF button to skip past the extraneous stuff. No such luck last night watching it live.


Scott said…
I almost never miss one, but somehow let this one escape me. Glad to hear I didn't miss much.
Mike Jenkinson said…
Interestingly, I haven't been able to find a rating for that show, which suggests no one watched it.

That's what UFC gets for oversaturating their product. This Fight Night was positioned between two PPV shows, and it was basically forgotten.
Mike Jenkinson said…
And, of course, as soon as I posted the last comment, a rating came out: 1.16, which is fine.

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