My kingdom for a mobile blogging app!

In the same way that I occasionally remember that I have a blog, the good folks at Google occasionally remember that they run a blogging site.

Blogger was updated this week with some new themes, one of which you are looking at right now.

Which is cool.

But in 2017, when everyone lives on their phones, there is no official mobile app for Blogger from Google. Which makes it pretty much impossible to blog on your mobile device.

There used to be. (That's the screencap included here.) But it was pulled from the app store probably two years ago. Maybe more.

Not that the official Blogger app was awesome. It was the very definition of rudimentary and basic.

There are other third party Blogger-friendly apps out there, such as BlogPress, which I purchased ages ago and have used. But it hasn't been updated in more than a year. Other Blogger compatible apps I looked at in the app store have been updated even less frequently than that.

Sure, social media has largely killed blogging dead, which means there's no incentive for app developers to target a niche market. And Google has pushed Google+ as a quasi-blogging platform and social media network. If you search my blog, there have been times where I've used G+ as my primary blogging tool instead of Blogger.  G+ is definitely more social than Blogger, but it's a poor blogging platform.

And I know people will tell me to move to WordPress. I may yet do that, as WordPress at least has a well developed mobile app.

But in the meantime, I can't help but think a company as massive as Google would have the resources to put together a terrific mobile app in a couple of days.


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