Blogging and my recent Buff obsession

Yes, I have purchased yet another Buff hat. Which makes a total of four: two Pack Run Caps and two Run Cap Pros. And I got the matching UV Buff to go with it. I got these from Amazon via the United Kingdom, as this style isn't available in North America for some reason.

And, yes, I appear to have a sudden obsession with Buff, and there's a good reason for that - last year in Mexico, I burned my forehead.

Really badly. Like, I had a Klingon ridged forehead for a couple of days. You'll have to take my word for it. We deliberately didn't keep any photographic evidence because gross.

Blame a momentary lapse in judgment when I took my Tilley hat off so I could swim in the ocean, while completely forgetting I didn't have sunscreen on my head. One hour later, it was rIn Quj

The crazy thing was I had brought an old Survivor Buff along on the trip - one that I'd actually bought for my wife years and years ago as a fun souvenir because she's a fan of Survivor. I'd never really used it but for whatever reason packed it on our vacation. And I wore it all the time in the water after that.

Which led to me trying the Run Cap Pro last fall on another vacation and I absolutely fell in love with that hat (as I detailed in this blog entry). And since my wife and I do regular car camping road trips, I figure it's worthwhile to have a reasonable stock of Buff products around for all their regular uses. (New bonus use I've discovered: sleeping mask.)

And given that we travel fairly regularly and take lots of photos and have some fun adventures and occasionally an interesting life beyond travelling, I'm going to attempt to start blogging more regularly again. (Although if you want a far better adventure blog than mine, check out +Sarah Burns - and I'm not just saying that because her son married my daughter.)


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